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Horse riding lessons based on Xenophon in Greece.

Horse riding Lessons

Horse riding basics and dressage

The Odysseia horse riding Club in Crete organizes horse riding lessons for all levels. You can learn the horse riding basics, or dressage.
Riders of novice to experienced levels, or riders mounting a horse for the very first time are welcome to join the horse riding lessons.
We have weekly group lessons for riders living in Crete or lessons for riders staying on Crete for a holiday.
Al horse riding lessons are given by an experienced instructor.


The training by Odysseia Stables is based on the philosophy of the famous Greek General ‘Xenophon’, who lived 400 years before Christ. Xenophon gave us the foundations for the equitation that grew into nowadays Classical riding. His philosophy of intuition, insight into the world of the horse and kind treatment. Or better explained by his own words:
‘Anything forced and misunderstood can never be beautiful.’

The horse will show its natural movement with pleasure both by working both in hand as well as under the saddle.
With feeling, patience and respect we train the physical development of the horse so he is better able to carry the rider in balance. Staying healthy during his working career and giving the rider the feeling of becoming one with your horse.


Lessons are in a group of riders of the same level.
During riding lesson a riding hat is mandatory.
Maximum weight of rider is 90 kg.

Always reserve the riding lesson in advance.
You can call us 0030 6942858466.


One time visit

Private lesson, 1/2 hour,  40 €
30 minutes of instructions.

Odysseia Stables members

Group lessons, 1 hour
50 minutes of instructions.
Lesson card with 10 lessons,  300 €

Private lesson, half hour, for the starting riders on a lunge line.
25 minutes of instructions.
Lesson card with 10 lessons,  300 €


‘If a dancer was forced to dance by whip and spikes,
he would be no more beautiful than a horse trained under similar conditions.’
Simon of Athens, 400 B.C.
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