Odysseia Stables in Crete, Greece.
Lovely stables in Crete
riding place
Horse equipment of the Odysseia Stables
Riding place of the Odysseia Stables in Crete
Quality stables in Greece
Horse Olympia, a local mare, mix with andalusian.

Odysseia Stables
Greece, Crete

High quality facilities and lovely horses

The Odysseia Stables in Greece on Crete Island are very beautifully located on a unique hill side location with an excellent view over the Langda Valley and Lake Aposelemis. Quietly located in the middle of protected “Kermes Oak” forest and next to the nature reserve “Natura 2000”.
Here we stable 23 lovely horses and 1 pony. We offer high quality of facilities and equipment.

On 5 hectares of land we built the stables by using natural materials like stones and wood. The stones used are the actual stones from the land it is built on. The stables are designed in a way they are as close as possible to the physical needs of the horses. Read our page on animal well being.

 The facilities

  • 15 fabulous stables with an open connection to turnout paddocks.
  • Outdoor arena, 42 x 20 meters with an all-weather proof floor and a small tribune.
  • Outdoor arena, 15 x 12 meter, for lunging.
  • Tack room
  • horse showers
  • Changing room with toilets

High standards for our horses and equipment

We ride with English saddles. Every horse has his own saddle and bridle custom fit for every horse. Regularly maintained and refit to follow the changes in the horse body.
For bridles we use a broken or double broken K&K Aurigan bit.

For the horses we use a training method of the classical dressage to maintain the horse healthy and well balanced in its body. Based on the Greek general Xenophon (400 BC).  Read more at our lessons.

Green stables

We reduce waste to a minimum and safe energy by running our stable ecologically friendly.

To reduce energy spending we use solar panels for producing our own electricity which are placed on the roof of our stables.
We warm up water by running the water through solar collecting panels.

To reduce waste we use 2 septic tanks.
Stable bedding is reduced to zero by using rubber permeable stable mats.
Cutting the horse minor by half.

In 2015 the Odysseia Stables achieved an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for stable management and safety.

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