swimming with horses in Crete
Horse Olympia, a local mare, mix with andalusian.
Relaxing horse Talos after swimming in the Sea.
Horse Apollon of the Odysseia Stables in Crete, Greece.
Horse hermis on the donkey path to the Lassithi Plateau in Crete.
horse evropi

Our horses

Arabics, Thoroughbreds and warmbloods.

We ride on Arabics, Thoroughbreds and warmblood horses. These breeds have a long breath and a never tiring will for the long distance riding. They are beautiful and wel trained holiday horses. Always eager to go and very relaxed in the mind. Sure footed in the mountains and human orientated.

Especially for the novice rider we use reliable and easy horses, to give them the trust and safety that you need. For the children we have a Welsh B pony, Daisy. A real childrens pony, very sweat, safe and with speed.

But all of them are friendly, well cared for, good fed, regularly trained and they all have an excellent condition for the long distance riding. The horses are ridden in english riding style, but are easily handled with long rains.

A good horse makes a happy rider

We understand that riders are very different and what one prefers as there favourite horse, can be the total oposite for another rider. That is why our group of horses are a wide selection a different types and sizes. From a small Berber, to a medium Andalusian or a larger warmblood.
We have a fixed group of horses that stay with us their entire working live.

Our Horses

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