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 Beginner – You’ve never been on a horse before or have had a few lessons. You may have trotted and may have hacked out at walk. Novice – You’ve mastered the basic aids in all paces and can mount and dismount unaided. You’re confident on a well-schooled horse in walk, rising trot (posting), and for short periods of canter in a school or even outside. Intermediate – You’re a secure and confident rider on a well-schooled horse at all paces including a fast canter in open country. You’re happy to ride for several hours and may have some jumping experience. Advanced – You’re an experienced rider, confident and relaxed on horseback. You ride regularly and have an independent seat and soft hands. You’re capable of handling a spirited horse at canter in open country and are happy to jump. You may have owned or shared your own horse and have experience of riding a variety of horses.

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